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EMDR Services Ltd are health professionals who are experienced and qualified in psychotherapy and counselling, offering consultations in Norfolk and Suffolk. Providing a range of therapy in our own consultation rooms or in the workplace.

EMDR Services Ltd professionals are accredited with UKCP & EMDR Europe, members of BACP and EMDR UK & Ireland too.

Therapies offered include:

  • EMDR – For trauma, pain, phobias, PTSD, abuse, anxiety/panic attacks, bereavement/blocked grief and road traffic accidents
  • R-TEP – Recent traumatic event protocol – for recent trauma assessment and intervention
  • Psychotherapy/Counselling – Issues including OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), abuse, bereavement, depression, dissociation, anxiety/panic attacks, low self-esteem, relationships, anger
  • Addiction – Gambling, alcohol, drugs and eating disorders

These videos are listed from the EMDR UK web site:

Will my therapist use EMDR equipment?

Eye movements can be created manually by your therapist moving his/her fingers back and forth across your visual field. However, the eye movements can also be created using a 'light bar', in which you follow a light that moves back and forth across a metal bar.

Some therapist use auditory bilateral stimulation, in which they click their fingers alternating from ear to ear. These clicks can also be created through headphones and you can listen to a range of alternating sounds. Some therapist use music to create the alternating sound which you can also listen to with headphones.

Other therapists use tactile bilateral stimulation, in which they tap your hands alternatively. To create a similar effect, some therapists use small vibrating items that you can hold in your hands. These produce vibrations which alternate from one hand to another.

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